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Sunday, July 3, 2011

[APP] WhatsApp

Here at The Phone For You, I'm trying to expand the horizon of my business.

I'm no longer just selling phones and accessories, I'm trying to give the best experience of using a Smartphone!

Therefore, I'm adding a Weekly APPLICATION(APP) UPDATE for all the best apps there is!

However, I will only be able to talk about apps that are on the Android Market seeing as I myself am an Android user and I try to use my phone to its full potential!

So the first App that I'll be sharing with u is the WhatsApp app.

Download Link -> HERE

Using this app, u can send messages to any smartphone on almost any platforms (Android, iOS, Symbian and Blackberry OS) for FREE

Its not limited to sending text messages, u can also send pics, map locations, music, and videos! though I'm not sure whats the maximum size limit, cuz i've only tried sending pics.

There's a catch though, u'll need to have an internet connection to use this app to send/receive messages

So only use this app when u are connected to the internet via Wifi or if u have a data plan!

This app is great if u want to chat with someone because u receive messages directly to ur phone instantly and u dont have to sign in or sign up an account or anything, because its tied to ur number once u've installed it. All u need is an internet connection!

Plus, u can also make group chats to chat with multiple friends in one conversation!

A reminder for Android users, this app is only free for the FIRST year since u downloaded the app to ur phone, if u want to continue using it in ur 2nd year, u'll have to pay USD1.99 if im not mistaken. I'm not sure whether or not u can fool them by deleting the WhatsApp app and reinstalling it or having a factory reset in order to avoid getting charged, but u can try~ =D

and to Blackberry users, if ur on a BBM + BIS only package, u DO NOT have an internet package included! u can only use ur BBM + BIS + Facebook + Twitter! So data charges will apply if u dont have an internet package and if u're not on Wifi

Once u've downloaded and installed this app, it will automatically sync with ur contacts list and detect those on ur contacts who have themselves installed WhatsApp

and btw, feel free to add me up on WhatsApp via my number - 017-8862124 if u have anything to ask! and u wanna ask for Free! haha =D

Thanks for visiting ThePhoneForYou! :D

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